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FALL SALE for Schools!

If you bring your class this fall for single day or overnight arts and environment programs, you get to save 15% on top of any other discounts (to a maximum of 25% off). Also, if you book and pay a deposit now for spring, you can get a 5% discount on top of any others (to a maximum of 20%).

Offer good for bookings made and confirmed by November 5, 2016. Use PROMOCODE: Fall2016

Field Trips to Ross Creek
Bring your class on the adventure of the year with fully realised art and drama programs that inspire you and your students, along with a great rec program for all classes that come visit our  beautiful grounds. We can tailor programs to your students’ ages and interests and ensure that the activities work with your curriculum. For younger grades, we are delighted to offer a special Creekster Hunt on the property, hosted by the Lord High Creekster Hunter.
Scroll down for a short film of a recent class trip, and a slide show of school programs.


NEW: Overnight Programs! Bring your class or group for a fabulous art adventure! Choose your workshops, get delicious supper and breakfast and sleep in heated cabins, right after you get to experience a Ross Creek Campfire with all the fixings!

Thank you so much for allowing us to partake of your amazing space!
What a wonderful camp experience!

Sheri Bertaux, Girl Guide Leader

Programs we always have available:
Painting and Drawing: Explore line, texture, & color with skills-based workshops & projects
Sculpture: Create environmental art & unique sculptures using found materials
Collage: Explore social issues & personal identity through mixed media collage
Improv: Get theatrical with fun and creative improvisational theatre games & exercises
Team Building: Develop leadership skills and bond as a group with collaborative exercises
Visual Arts workshops on self-portraiture
Environmental Programs – Naturalist Activities – map and compass, survival skills, Acadian Forest
Programming based on gallery exhibitions and/or seasons

Shadow Puppets
This is one of Ross Creek’s most requested school art workshops. This is a fantastic workshop for grade 1 – 12. Every workshop is built and designed specifically with each age group in mind. Each workshop has a focus on the art of shadow puppet crafting and storytelling. Younger students will generally require more time so that we may support their little hands and their big ambitions. For them, we  focus on the artistic skills in hand-crafting, with a smaller emphasis on storytelling with guidance and support from the instructor and assistants. Older students  have more freedom to create and design and have a greater focus on storytelling. Each person will learn how to create shadow puppets from the most elementary design principles of this international art form, and older students create stories as a group, facilitated by our programmers. The workshops always conclude with a great shadow puppet show for all present.

Discounts for booking early, fall classes, and first time visitors:

In School Programs
Welcome to a new adventure in the arts. We offer exciting opportunities for multiple classes at your school to develop a project with Ross Creek artists in residence. With this program, we bring a multi-day or week class of contemporary art, drama, writing, music or dance into your schools. This program culminates in a showing of your students’ work at Ross Creek, with a field trip for the classes and opportunity to see the teaching artists at work in their Ross Creek Studios (depending on availabilty and specific program).

Anti-bullying program (Positive Action Project)
This program is designed and  run by acclaimed theatre teacher and director, Ken Schwartz. Working with groups of students from your school, he teaches them techiniques to tell the story of bullying as they know it, through improvisation and acting. After a few sessions of working with them, they present their work to the school with all teachers and administration present, followed by a question and answer session, facilitated by Ross Creek. This work has been tremndously successful, especially when schools encourage a diversity of student involvement and use in class time.

 Aboriginal Art Programs
The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is proud to be host to programs that promote and explore Aboriginal art and culture. We know how important it is to give young Aboriginal students access to positive role models from their own culture and that these teachers and elders have a great deal to offer all students. For the general population, or dedicated to Mi’kmaq and Malise’et studnts, we can provide programs on Mi’kmaq culture, storytelling, dance and art. email our program director

Teacher Development Programs
The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts offers a unique opportunity for teachers, guidance counsellors and administrators to gain more skills to bring the arts into the lives of the children they teach. From in-services to special classes, from cyonferences to school retreats, we can give you new tools and inspiration so you can inspire your kids and yourselves. Email our program director at

A short slideshow of our work with NorthEast Kings in October, 2015

Coming soon – teacher resource pages and curriculum guides

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