Ross Creek is thrilled to host a local homeschooling team for  international LegoRobotics. A combination of engineering, computer coding, design and collaborative creative approaches to problems in the real world, they have a permanent home at Ross Creek, and have been hugely successful at their two years, including competitions at the the regional,  provincial and international levels.

Last year, the manatees were invited to compete at  the first ever First Lego League International competition in Toronto June 3-7, 2014 and came in the top third of the world at that event, and had a fabulous time meeting other kids from every corner of the globe, thanks to  supporters of their Indiegogo campaign!


This season, they got the trophy for second place championship in the provincial championship, plus an award at the regionals for best exemplifying core values, They have had a great time and are so grateful for the support ad guidance of their community and thrilled to have made new science, design and engineering friends from around the corner and around the world! Find out more about LegoRobotics and FLL here. 

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Meet the Team: 

JonahJonah McKay (Code Monkey) – Hi, I’m Jonah McKay and I like robots, I love the way First Lego League combines technology, science and creativity to solve problems. During my rookie year on the Flying Manatees I’ve learned that being on a team is fun. (And I’ve also learned how to tell identical twins apart!) When I’m not spending time programming our robot “Manatee” I enjoy coding in other languages such as Python, playing D&D, drawing comics of my cat Xeno, playing the trumpet, and watching Star Trek.

eamonn bioEamonn Schwartz (CapCom) – I’m Eamonn. I loved working on the FLL for my rookie year and really excited about making it to the next round in Toronto.  I enjoyed working with the robot and figuring out how to solve the missions. I am a junior counsellor at Ross Creek and recently received my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Medal. I love making movies and designing and engineering large puppets. I have been attending Air Cadets for three years.


MACKY BIO SHOTMacky Schwartz (Awesomeneer) – Hi, I’m Macky. I have loved my first year of FLL. It was lots of fun trying to solve problems and going to the competitions. I love making and watching films. I am a volunteer Junior Counsellor at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and I have recently been awarded my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze medal, and  I  really enjoy  photography.



Ian McKay (Coach) – Proud to be the coach of three great kids who have grown from rookies facing the “impossible” missions of their first robot challenge to confident, skilled and laughing rooters on their way to an International Open FLL event in Toronto this June. I am also an unschooler parent, former high school teacher, maker, beekeeper, AuthorSpouse and gamer.


Click here to see some of the videos.


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