Important Information and Policies for Ross Creek Programs

We know it can be dull to read about things you think you’ll never need to know, but we do ask that you read these ones! It helps us to make sure we’re on the same page for the best possible experience for your camper during his or her summer with Ross Creek.


Please see the specific course description for times of drop off and pick up to ensure we can provide you with the best possible service – we want to be ready for you and to make sure your child gets the full experience! Whatever the listed times, we ask that students are dropped off and picked up no more than 10 minutes on either side of those times, to ensure a smooth program.


At Ross Creek we believe in respectful freedom – in the arts everyone needs to be able to express themselves creatively – and we encourage independence and innovation while ensuring all students, staff and parents respect each other’s work and needs. Staff encourages campers to explore their creativity in a safe atmosphere of fun and respect.


Our goal at RCCA is to provide a safe, wholesome, exciting experience for your child. However, we need to plan for the unexpected. For your child’s safety, please provide us with the name and telephone number of an emergency contact person who will be available during our program hours. Please update contact information as required. If you need to reach the centre in an emergency, call the main office at 902-582-3842.


All registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is only considered complete once Application Form, Full Fee and Health Form are received. Online registrations are the fastest and easiest way for you and ur our office to ensure we have all the information we need for your child’s safety and best experience. You can also register in person or by mail at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Box 190, 555 Ross Creek Road, Canning, NS, B0P 1H0, Canada. You can also fax us at 582-7943 or email Ross Creek will hold bursary spots for successful Students for seven days after they are notified. If the Student has not responded in that time, the spot will be released to a Student on a waiting list for a bursary.


Programs may be cancelled at the discretion of the RCCA due to minimum participation requirements or unforeseen circumstances.


Cancelled bookings up to 30 days before the camp’s first day will receive a refund less $60 administration fee. After that time, no refund will be given otherwise except in cases of severe family illness or death with a doctor’s note. No refunds are given if a child is asked to leave camp for disruptive behaviour. No refunds are provided if a camper is removed from the camp program without the written recommendation of a health care provider. In the case of a camper who cannot attend but who is not eligible for a refund, we are pleased to offer a credit toward a different program. If a family decides to take that offer, it is good for any program within 18 months of the initial registration for which the child is eligible.

In the case of early withdrawal due to accident or illness the camp fee will be prorated. In the event that a program is cancelled by the RCCA, a full refund of all fees paid will be issued. In the event that course rescheduling is necessary, campers with confirmed bookings will be given the option to change their booking or receive a full refund. RCCA responsibility shall then cease.


Members of the Coast Arts Association with Family memberships receive a 5% discount on all course fees. An Early Bird Discount also applies (please see specific camps for those details). Multiple bookings from one family also receive a 5% discount.


Ross Creek Programs are more than an activity vacation for your child. It is a chance for him or her to develop new friendships, new confidence and new independence, all in the context of nature and a highly interactive and stimulating arts program. Cell phones and social networking sites interfere with the benefits your child should be getting from camp. Please do not send a cell phone or internet accessing device with your child. If they do arrive with one, we will put the sim card in our safe at check in and keep it for him or her for the duration of camp. The camp staff will call you if there is ever need to do so with any serious situation relating to your child’s health or well being. Parents are also urged NOT to call their campers with non-emergency topics during the camp week. For emergencies, call the camp at the land line numbers listed above. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated.


RCCA reserves the right to use photographic and video material of the camps, campers, and their artwork for any promotional materials. Please inform the Camp Director in writing if you do not wish to have your child’s image used in any RCCA materials.


Every precaution is taken to ensure camper safety, but in the event of sickness/ accidents, RCCA cannot assume liability.


We have a no-peanut policy. We cannot guarantee there will be no risk of exposure, but we ask all parents to avoid peanut products in food sent for children. We do not use any peanuts in our food preparation.

IMPORTANT: We are pleased to cater to food allergies. Please list all food allergies and dietary restrictions on the health form.


The RCCA Collects Health information to ensure the safety and best interest of camp participants. All information is strictly confidential. Because we are concerned for the health and welfare of all of our campers, it is essential that parents advise the Camp Director of any existing or potential medical conditions, physical or emotional, concerning their child. RCCA camp staff can administer both prescription and non-prescription medication to children only with the following signed authorization:
1. Written authorization with the dosage and times any drug is to be given.
2. Authorization must be signed by the parent/guardian (This policy also applies to any over the counter medication including acetaminophen, ASA, Ibuprofen or any herbal remedies.)
3. Medication must be in its original container, clearly labeled with the child’s name, the name of the drug, the dosage, the date of purchase and instructions for storage and administration
4. Epipens must remain with the child at ALL times
5. Program staff may NOT administer needles (except epipens in an emergency situation).


In order to maintain a fun and exciting atmosphere with respectful freedom for both campers and staff, the RCCA has the following code of conduct:

1. Students, staff and parents should behave respectfully toward each other at all times.

2. All overnight campers are to be in their assigned area at curfew and to comply with the quiet hours, lights out, and other rules of the camp.

3. Items which are unsafe, intrusive, in poor taste, or otherwise objectionable are not to be brought to camp. Knives, matches or lighters, and certain printed matter are examples.

4. The possession and use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and/or drugs (other than required and disclosed medications) during camp sessions is prohibited and campers found with them or using them may be sent home.

5. Everyone is expected to participate in all planned activities as defined by the camp schedule and to be in appropriate and respectful dress.

6. Tampering with fire extinguishing equipment or other emergency equipment is prohibited.

7. Obscene, discriminatory language and/or rudeness are not acceptable.

8.Bullying is not tolerated toward anyone at any time and while we will attempt  to address and change the dynamics, we reserve the right to dismiss any child found to be bullying another.

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts (RCCA) reserves the right to expel at any time campers deemed to be behaving in a way that threatens the safety or well-being of themselves or others, or who place at risk the property of Ross Creek Centre or campers.

Parents will be advised, both verbally and in writing, by the Camp Director if their child displays behavioural problems while at camp. Such problems might include actions or words that disrupt camp activities, such as bullying other campers or disregard for the rules that govern the camp day. Refunds will NOT be given for
the rest of the session or for subsequent sessions and charges may be made for damaged property. Ross Creek Centre reserves the right to suspend campers from activities where their behaviour is deemed unacceptable.
The Student and Parent / Guardian must sign this form agreeing that they have read or heard, understood and agree to be bound by the camp philosophy, policies and code of conduct of the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts.

If you have any questions about these policies, please contact us immediately at 582-3842 or via our camp director at

The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is an accredited Camp, belonging to both the Canadian Camping Association and the Camping Association of Nova Scotia.

Ross Creek is excited to see your child at our programs and looks forward to having your family as part of the Ross Creek community!


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