Call for Submissions:

Seed funding from a private donor is allowing us to work with communities for an innovative approach to community art, and we invite communities from across the Maritimes to submit proposals to bring a group collaboration in any discipline (or interdisciplinary) to the festival. If selected, the communities will be assigned a Ross Creek artist who will be a mentor and help guide the group through the development process. Successful communities will be invited to attend the festival and if possible, to come for a residency period to complete the project on the Ross Creek property prior to the festival.

What does community mean to you? How do you define your community and who belongs to it? Is it your location, the people who share the land, or the people who share your values? Do you want to explore the idea of community through the arts?  Can you collaborate with friends, family, neighbours and/or  others to create something original that can be shown at a new festival in Nova Scotia?

 The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Canning, NS is creating Breaking Ground, a new festival  in 2016, with submissions from both professional artists and community groups.  The proposals should be original­-pieces to be created over the next few months–and can be in any discipline, or in more than one art form and should reflect the community from which it comes, and be able to be shown at the festival. Film, music, dance, visual arts, etc or any combination would all be welcome.

If a community proposal is accepted, Ross Creek will come to the community and help (if needed) and provide an artist mentor to work with the community group in the lead up to the festival.

In asking for groups to submit a project, we are challenging communities to think about who they are and how to explore the. Innovation is important, and the spirit of collaboration is vital!

Postmark Deadline for proposals is May 30, 2015. 


Communities groups can be ad hoc, students, seniors, groups that already exist, or people coming together for the first time. We encourage innovation and experimentation. Groups can range in size, and there is no minimum or maximum number of people required for the proposal.

We challenge municipal governments, band councils, schools and other leaders to actively encourage participation and connection between schools, senior centres, local artists, and others and support these groups in their quest to create a dynamic and engaging proposal and piece, through access to space, materials and other resources when possible.

Project groups can propose specific performances to be held at fixed times, installations where the public can experience work continuously or multi-media projects that require specific infrastructure.

Applications must be received by midnight, June 5, 2015 via e-mail at or mailed to Breaking Ground Festival, Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Canning, NS, B0P1H0 (Postmark Deadline for mailed proposals is May 30, 2015). 

Community Application:

Applicants are asked to submit a full project description of no more than three pages in length (11 point font) that cover the following questions, with the name of the project and the community group on each page.


  1. What is your community (as you are defining it for this project)? 200 words
  2. Describe your community or group’s history or if it is coming together just for this project, say how you decided to find members. 600 words
  3. Who are the main people in this project? 200 words

2)    PROJECT:

  1. What is your project title?
  2. Give a brief description, sketch, of your idea and describe how the audience member/witness will experience it. 600 words
  3. How does this piece reflect or connect to your community? 400
  4. What do you think you need to make it happen (guidance, materials, equipment, people)? 200

All applications must provide contact information and a designated project contact. The projects must be able to be seen or experienced at Ross Creek during the Breaking Ground Festival in July, 2015.

All applicants will be notified as to their potential selection by June 15, 2015. 

For further information, please contact Chris O’Neill at


Residencies and Colonies Available

Please see our professional artist section to find out more about our residency and colony opportunities at Ross Creek!
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