Created by Kay Burns, 2013

Come to Ross Creek and experience it like never before!

Wander along a mapped route at the Ross Creek farm, and your geophysical presence will trigger the playback of sounds developed expressly for various sites along the way.  Kay Burns has developed this walk experience based on her response to the location in combination with the involvement of invited community collaborates who created designated sound files.

Bring your fully charged IPhone or Android (you can also preload the 7Scenes app to save time), check in with RCCA staff when you arrive, or look in the mailbox at the entrance to  the  main building for further instructions. Then set off on the mapped and marked PrimrosePath of Dalliance for a sight and sound adventure.

Kay Burns is a multidisciplinary artist living in Fogo Island, Newfoundland. This project was created in the fall of 2013 while she was in residence at Ross Creek as a guest artist.

Other contributors to the project included:

Holly Carr, Ken Schwartz, Chris O’Neill, Ami McKay,  Ian Funke-McKay, Jack Bateman, Aliah Schwartz, Eamonn Schwartz, Malachy Schwartz, Jonah McKay.



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Residencies and Colonies Available

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