We lived in the farm house and used the studios and galleries for creating our newest dance work. This was a highly enjoyable and fruitful experience. As a group who usually works in a city, under the constraints of time and space, working at Ross Creek was quite the opposite. Having virtually unlimited access to the studios, a willing and supportive staff and a quiet, inspiring environment to work in, proved to be very conducive to our creative process.”
-Susann Chiu, Dancer

Residency and Colony

Both residencies and colony programs bring emerging and established artists of all disciplines and cultures together for 4-12 week retreats staying onsite in our 90 year old farmhouse and using our spectacular facilities.

colony is an experience where the visiting artist wishes to work without reference to the Centre’s wider community. There is usually only one moment where they will be asked to interact with the public during their stay, if appropriate. The identified project for the artist is paramount and their complete focus.

residency is also  project based, but also provides many possibilities to interact with the community, as a teacher or mentor. Residencies see the artist engaging our community through programs developed in conjunction with our programming staff and administered by Ross Creek. We match artists’ interests and skills with the needs of our community to provide our rural community with the best possible experience. Sometimes, we accept residencies for a particular piece of art to be created at the Centre, especially large scale sculpture or garden works that can live in the landscape here. Our outreach and education programs bring professional colony artists together with our community.

Artist Colony Submissions now being accepted for 2016-2018.
The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts invites visual, new media, musicians and other performing artists and craftspeople to submit proposals for the Ross Creek Centre artist colony. We invite submissions from artists from around the world and from all disciplines of performing and visual arts, literature, academic writing, fine craft, new media and architecture.

We accept applications year round and review them monthly on the 10th of each month.                  

The Ross Creek Centre provides great experiences for artists who wish to live in a retreat setting while in an artistic venue. Our Colony and Residency programs provide a spectacular rural environment along with the gifts of time and space to inspire talented artists of all disciplines. A Ross Creek Colony consists of use of a studio, accommodations, and three prepared meals a day for between four and eight weeks.

Ross Creek Colony and Residency artist applicants are all interviewed by our colony director, then selected by a jury of peers who are familiar with Ross Creek and who represent different disciplines.

The Centre offers residencies to professional creative artists from all nations and backgrounds working in one or more of the following media: Dance, film, writing, theatre, music, visual art, performance art, photography, and video. Artists may apply individually or as members of collaborative teams. They are selected by panels of other professional artists. The residency and colony does cost  $562.50 (CDN) per week for an individual artist (including all room, board, transport to and from airport and private studio) before any fellowship or bursaries, and we encourage all artists to apply and to discuss options if they require financial aid.

Residencies last from two weeks to four months.

Special Programs:

Long Term Work Exchange Residency opportunity 

Residencies at Ross Creek are a fantastic way for artists to explore their creative side in a new setting with a new community!

Along with its short-term residencies, Ross Creek is seeking artists to participate in longer term residencies and become integral to our community during their stay. We are searching for one long term artist per season who is looking for a residency posting for the fall  or winter  terms and is also interested in doing some handy work around the centre. The candidate, in visual or media arts, writing, architecture, film, theatre, dance or music, would ideally have his or her own transportation and would have a working knowledge of carpentry, gardening etc, a great work ethic, and a positive and helpful demeanor. With access to a private studio space 24 hours a day, the artist can focus on their own work while also completing their work exchange hours. For collaborators, we can arrange collaboration times for a larger group to participate in the residency.

We are hoping to have someone from September through December 15, and a different artist from January 15 to April 15,  with a small fee paid by the artist for food and heat in the farmhouse. They will  cook for themselves, have their own bedroom in the shared artist residency, studio space, and would be asked to work 20 hours a week around the centre in exchange for a contracted residency.

We welcome individual and collaborative professional artists of all disciplines and all stages in their careers to participate in Ross Creek.

Please email programs@artscentre.ca if you are interested or if you have any other questions.

Dancers, writers, theatre collaborators, architects, visual artists, musicians. We welcome individual and collaborative professional artists of all disciplines and all stages in their careers to participate in Ross Creek.

Master Class

The Master Class program enables artists to work in their own field with other artists from around the world taught by some of the world’s most remarkable figures.

Ross Creek Fellows

Any artist who has participated in Ross Creek Programs is also welcome to join the Ross Creek Fellows, a group dedicated to making the Centre fulfill your needs while you are with us. Share ideas and ensure the Centre continues to serve your peers well, and well into the future.


We welcome submissions from visual artists and fine craftspeople for solo and group exhibits in our galleries. There are occasional themes for the gallery and we have a jury which reviews the submissions on an annual basis. We also occasionally invite specific artists to exhibit. 

Current Submission Calls

The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts invites Nova Scotian visual and media artists and craftspeople to submit proposals for the Ross Creek Professional Gallery’s upcoming seasons. Please click below to see the submission calls and deadlines. Email programs@artscentre.ca to get more information and submission requirements.

2016-2018 Season Solo Shows.
Submission Deadline, February 15, 2016


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