“Words don’t even begin to describe how wonderful a time I’ve had.”
“Everything was great! I love you guys. Thank you so much for this experience”

Youth Counselors

Being a Counselor in Training (CiT) at Ross Creek is amazing fun and a great way to better your artistic leadership skills. It is hard work that comes with a great sense of fulfillment, reward and satisfaction. This position requires applicants with a high maturity level that will put campers first. We are looking for people that have great attitudes, love the arts and want to spend their summer with kids! Six youth between 14-17 have a chance to learn new skills, work with kids, be full participants in the Summer Academy and mentor with an artist. Ross Creek’s Counselor in Training section of the Young Artist Leadership Program  takes 8 weeks, including student time in the Academy, and is designed to give you amazing new skills, incredible fun and real hands-on leadership training. CiTs are important mentors for younger campers and will also learn from our professional artists and the Counselors, who are generally university level arts students themselves.

Week 1 – Training:
Procedures and Protocols
Child Care Techniques
Procedures and Protocols
Recreation Techniques
Leadership training

Weeks 2-5 – Counseling at Summer Arts Camps:
3 weeks working hands-on with children from 5-13 in SummerArts Camps & rec time
1 week as assistant for the organic gardens and in kitchen
Special training once per week in a related area

Weeks 6-7 – Art Academy
The Counselor in Training becomes a participant in one of six Art Academies: Visual Arts, Theatre, Film, Writing, Choreography or Music.
While the Counsellor in training is now a camper, we do expect leadership, mentorship and engagement.

Weeks 8-9 – Dance Summer Dance
 The Counsellor in Training is not required nor expected, but is welcome to remain till the end of summer, assisting and working on special projects during DSD. 

Application Process
There are six CiT positions available. To be accepted and complete the program, CiTs must commit to the whole program. The Program is residential in nature. All CiTs live at Ross Creek for the duration of the program.  While it is not first come, first served, we do advise early applications, since there are only six spaces.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • A Staff Application Form:  PDF / WORD
  • A résumé
  • A sample of your art according to the requirements listed on the appropriate Academy section: Theatre, Choreography, Writing, Visual Arts or Film
  • Your Academy Application Creative Piece
  • A Letter from you stating why you want to participate in the program
  • A letter of reference from a community leader who knows you and can speak to your strengths in a program such as this.

Please send to Mr. Roxy Peterson
Education Director –CiT Program
Ross Creek Centre for the Arts
Box 190, Canning, NS, B0P 1H0


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