Canadian Families: all of our camps and programs are now eligible for the Canadian Arts Tax Credit!  We provide a receipt, and for each child, you can claim up to $500 per year! 

DAY or OVERNIGHT PROGRAM – click here to register

With one week programs, campers get a full camp experience. Focused arts programs give children an opportunity to explore while having an amazing summer camp. From camp fires to talent nights, this program rocks! While campers can come as day students, we strongly encourage the overnight program. At the end of each week, the children share their work with a gallery and performance for friends and family at 2:30.

July 27 - August 1 Ballet Bootcamp2014SA1117-1A
Artist Studio2014SA11-17-1B
Glee Club2014SA1317-1C
Get in the Act - Theatre2014SA1317-1D
Bboy Boot Camp2014SA1317-1E

July 27-August 1 Ballet Boot Camp

So You Think You Can Dance? We know you can, and we’ll help you get even better! This program  has a focus on great ballet skills, strengthening and flexibility – no matter your dance or sport, this is  a great way to get in shape and create some beautiful movement! AND it’s a great camp experience to round out your summer.

July 27-August 1 B-Boy Boot Camp
Learn the best from the best – how to safely do street dance, popping, locking, breaking and more in this one week camp ending with a positive battle for friends and family!

July 27-August 1 Glee Club
Sign like a star! In this one week camp, we’ll take your mirror microphone singing into the spotlight along with dance and acting to create an incredible end-of-week performance.

July 27-August 1   Artist Studio         
Working both in large and small forms, take a journey into the magical world of drawing, painting and sculpture! Inspired by the masters, we will make shadow boxes, go wild with paint, and make collages. We’ll then move on to explore a variety of sculpture techniques, both experimental and traditional, inspired by a variety of modern sculptors.

July 27-August 1   Get In the Act
Building on earlier work, this teen theatre camp develops young actors, writers and directors through games, script work, new creation and a presentation. Working with voice, presence and physicality on stage, this provides you with all the building blocks you need, while have a great time at camp.

July 27-August 1    Strings!
Come with your guitar or other stringed  instrument, and get ready to hone your skills, your ideas and your music into something very cool which we’ll record for you!

Enrolment limited to 15 students per program.

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Enrolment limited to 20 students per camp.
Week-long Day Student Camp Tuition:  $295 per week
Week-long Overnight Student Camp Tuition: $525 per week

Materials fee $50 for week-long camp 
Lunches are included for day students
Bus Transport: $15 per day or $60 per week
HST is added to all of the above.


15% off camp fees if paid by Nov 17
10% if paid by Dec 10 or
5% if paid by JAN 15 AND
10% off if you bring a friend
5%  member & CF families
(maximum combined discounts, 25%)


We are pleased to offer full and half bursaries and scholarships for students who need financial aid. Bursary applications require letters of reference, so please apply early. Bursary decisions are made by a committee and are based on need and merit. We regret that we cannot give full bursaries to all students, but are delighted that we are able to fund a full 10 % of all students through the generosity of corporations, businesses, individuals and some schools. Bursary applications for SummerArts are available by clicking here. The deadline for submissions annually is December 1. They can be faxed or mailed to us with that date as the postmark.


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