Canadian Families: all of our camps and programs are now eligible for the Canadian Arts Tax Credit!  We provide a receipt, and for each child, you can claim up to $500 per year! 

If you are a member of the Canadian Forces, a member of Ross Creek or Two Planks, or have more than one child coming, or coming for multiple camps, you can still save 25% off fees! (only valid if you pay when you book). With great programs from Jungle Jamboree to Urban Art, from a writer’s workshop to triple threats, from animation and graphic design to Dance Summer Dance, don’t lose out next summer and don’t spend more than you have to!
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We know that eight year olds can be in different places, so we welcome you to decide what program is best for them. However if they are in the junior program, we suggest they are only day students. 

If you have a child  who is thinking about overnight camp in the future, but has never tried it before they can come try it out for a night! For $40 plus tax, they can come and stay on Thursday night for campfire (campfire? we LOVE campfire!) and cabin, being picked up when you see the show on Friday. A great way  to start your little one in the best traditions of overnight camping! 

DAY or Overnight PROGRAM – click here to register

With one week programs, campers get a full camp experience. Focused arts programs give children an opportunity to explore while having an amazing summer camp. From camp fires to talent nights, this program rocks! While campers can come as day students, we strongly encourage the overnight program. At the end of each week, the children share their work with a gallery and performance for friends and family at 2:30.

summer 2016 schedule inters

Full Week Programs

July 3-8

Dr. Seuss! (8-9 years)

Bring your child into the magical world of DR. SEUSS and see them be inspired to create their own zany worlds and inventions. From art to poetry, from songs to science, campers will be enriched by the silly and serious fun of SEUSS!

Lights, Camera, Action! (9-16 years)

This is our flagship film workshop, where campers try their hand at filmmaking. This week will be spent exploring film equipment, how to film and making awesome films within a team of new friends. Come Creek up your creativity! You will learn skills in camera operation, editing, directing, story creation and sound. You can see some of the films made by previous camps here.

Artist Studio (9-16 years)

Everything art! Campers will focus on drawing, painting and sculpture using a broad range of media, including charcoal, graphite, acrylics, watercolour, pastels and clay. Taught by a professional artist, this is a great way to explore the world through art. Campers who have taken art before will be challenged to new heights and beginners will be nurtured along!

Build It! (9-16 years)

Explore the world of 3d! Sculpture and engineering are all part of Architecture – campers will get to explore great buildings around the world, design and build their own, plus build a giant sculpture all together!

July 10-15

Jungle Jamboree! (8-9 years)

Join us as we explore the mysterious wonders of the jungle. Campers will explore various jungles around the world, and make art based on the creatures and cultures who live there! With music and art inspiring them throughout the day, this will be a mighty adventure of art and imagination inspired by the beautiful jungles of the world!

DRUMS! (9-16 years)

Explore the world of percussion with a great instructor, and learn the beats of the best, with hand drums and styles from around the world. You’ll also make your own music and instruments for the end of week performance!

Animation (9-16 years)

Come join us for the week and ANIMATE! Learn how to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. Campers will explore stop motion and claymation techniques and create some cool video animation. You can see some of our previous animations here.

Crazy Comics (9-16 years)

Welcome to the Creek’s comic art workshop! Explore from Manga to Marvel and make your own characters, stories and zines! Whether you are an old hand or just starting, we’ll get you to the next level of great graphics, leading to a ross creek Comic Con at the end of the week!

July 17-22

Dramatic Deserts! (8-9 years)

Did you know the largest desert in the world is in Antarctica? That we have deserts in Canada? This amazing oasis of a camp will explore some of the world’s great deserts, the creatures and cultures that live in them, investigate art and music inspired by the desert and make their own!

Urban Art (9-16 years)

Street art is a huge movement around the world, and Positive Graffiti can be amazing! Learn the history of street art from the Ancients to Banksy, create your own tag, and make some wicked public art at Ross Creek!

Get in the Act (9-16 years)

A great theatre experience for campers who love to explore the world of imagination. Through improvisation, and rehearsals, you’ll create a story with your friends and perform it using the skills you learn in this fabulous and fun-filled acting camp, taught by our own Ken Schwartz, award-winning director at Two Planks and beyond!

Writer’s Workshop  (9-16 years)

The world is filled with stories, and you’ll learn to make those stories into something amazing in fiction, poetry and drama! Working with a professional writer, you’ll explore what makes stories and characters work, and you can bring your own ideas or get some inspiration from each other and from myths and legends to create incredible works of your own. You’ll also work with the acting program to create some thrilling theatre!

July 23-29

Sailing the Ocean Blue (ages 8-9)

We’re exploring the age of sail in this art and science program. Discovering the creatures of the sea and amazing ships and their voyages, campers will learn sea shanties and investigate the pirate stories of legend!   From walking the plank to giant squid, this is a program to be treasured!

Graphic Designer (9-16 years)

Calling all future graphic designers! This is a great program that takes you into the coolest design in products, graphics and more, including the world of printmaking. See design in history, and learn how to make your own mark through illustration and art. You’ll get to create real world projects for events and groups, making some cool silk-screen and see how your design can make a difference!  

Fashion and Flare (9-16 years)

Explore the world of high art fashion around the world while creating your own unique style, helped by a field trip to frenchy’s and a silk-screening session. You’ll come home with great projects, including jewelry and know-how to turn trash into triumph on the runway! End of session includes a show of work created!

Broadway Bound (9-16 years)

An amazing program for kids who love everything about theatre – the singing, dancing and acting, and who want to explore more of it! Working with professional performers, the campers will have a chance to hit the high notes and the dramatic turns ending with a cool performance at the end of the session.

July 31-August 5

Up, Up and Away! (Ages 8-10, multi-art and science)

What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a cloud, it’s the wind! It could be any of these things and much more as we look at our sky and the heavens in this art and science program full of fun. Campers will explore how things fly, and make their own whimsical wind-powered inventions!

August 14-28

Dance Summer Dance Ages 11-18

Our premiere dance program, with instructors from across North America, including the National Ballet School of Canada. A supportive and non competitive atmosphere with challenging training and great recreation time make this a phenomenal program ideal for both the  serious and recreational dancer – taking everyone to their next level.

Dance Teaching Assist Certificate Program – Ages 11-18

Accompanying Dance Summer Dance is this program which gives new skills to those young people who are working with their dance schools to teach younger kids in both ballet and contemporary. Students get to take dance classes, and also get special instruction on how to be a great dance assistant and great mentor!

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Enrolment limited to 20 students per camp.

Single Day Program: $65
Overnight Single Day: $105
Week-long Day Student Camp Tuition:  $295 per week
Week-long Overnight Student Camp Tuition: $525 per week
Materials fee $60 for week-long camp
Lunches are included for day students
Bus Transport: $15 per day or $60 per week

HST  and a capital improvement fee is added to all of the above.


15% off camp fees if paid by Nov 10
10% if paid by Dec 10 or
5% if paid by JAN 15 AND
5% off if you bring a friend
5%  member & CF families
(maximum combined discounts, 25%)


We are pleased to offer full and half bursaries and scholarships for students who need financial aid. Bursary applications require letters of reference, so please apply early. Bursary decisions are made by a committee and are based on need and merit. We regret that we cannot give full bursaries to all students, but are delighted that we are able to fund a full 10 % of all students through the generosity of corporations, businesses, individuals and some schools. Bursary applications for SummerArts are available by clicking hereThe deadline for submissions annually is February 1. They can be faxed or mailed to us with that date as the postmark.


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