Canadian Families: all of our camps and programs are now eligible for the Canadian Arts Tax Credit!  We provide a receipt, and for each child, you can claim up to $500 per year! 

DAY or OVERNIGHT PROGRAM – click here to register

With one week programs, campers get a full camp experience. Focused arts programs give children an opportunity to explore while having an amazing summer camp. From camp fires to talent nights, this program rocks! While campers can come as day students, we strongly encourage the overnight program. At the end of each week, the children share their work with a gallery and performance for friends and family at 2:30.

Single Day Program: $60.00
Week-long Day Student Camp Tuition:  $295 per week
Week-long Overnight Student Camp Tuition: $525 per week

Materials fee $50 for week-long camp 
Lunches are included for day students
Bus Transport: $15 per day or $60 per week
HST is added to all of the above.

July 2Paint the world2014SA1215_1-1A
Sleek Batik2014SA1215_1-1C
July 3Tell Me a Story2014SA1215_1-2A
Drum Explosion2014SA1215_1-2B
Museum Mayhem2014SA1215_1-2C
July 4Sculpting Studio2014SA1215_1-3A
Jewellery Jamboree2014SA1215_1-3B
Build a book2014SA1215_1-3C
July 6 - 11 Digital Photo Studio2014SA1215_2-1
Urban Art Project2014SA1215_2-3
July 14 - 19 Frame To Fame2014SA1215_3-1
Actor's Studio2014SA1215_3-2
Lights, Camera, Action2014SA1215_3-3
July 21 - 25Fashion House2014SA1215_4-2
Young Architect2014SA1215_4-2
Young Designer2014SA1215_4-3
July 27-August 1Ballet Bootcamp2012SA1117-1A
Artist Studio2012SA1117-1B
Glee Club2012SA1117-1C
Get in the Act - Theatre2012SA1117-1D
Bboy Boot Camp2012SA1117-1E


Single day Camps

July 2nd


July 3rd

Drum Explosion 
Learn how to beat the rhythm of drum, build your own percussion instrument, then how to put the pieces together to create incredible rhythm and sound.  Using our sound sculptures along with the made and professional instruments, create a soundtrack for your day at Ross Creek!

July  4th


Full Week Programs

July 7-11

Urban Art Project!
Explore the dramatic, joyous and completely contemporary form of urban art. You’ll explore the concept of art in public space and find out about some of the most famous artists in the world. You’ll get to create your own “Positive Graffiti” and learn where this art comes from. This week is going to be explosively cool!

Digital Photo Studio
Bring your own camera and learn how to use it properly to take the best photos imaginable!  Aspiring photographers learn the fundamental principles of photography,  develop their creative vision and  refine their own personal artistic style, learning to compose and edit.

July 14-18

Lights! Camera! Action!
Jump behind the lens of a camera and make stories and characters come alive! This camp is perfect for anyone that has a love of movies. Students will learn to create, write, plan and storyboard their own films. All roles of a film crew, including acting, will be filled by the class so that all students can experience all aspects of film production, in front and behind the camera. The hands on experience will allow students to go home and create movies of their own! Bring your imagination and story ideas, and get ready to make a movie! Popcorn premiere at the end of the week for family and friends.

Actor’s Studio
The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and Two Planks and a Passion Theatre proudly bring you Actor’s Studio! Become the actor you know you can be. Explore improv, develop a short script,  learn to use your voice and perform for family and friends at the end of the week using all your new skills!  Take what you learn to your school or home to keep making your own theatre!

Frame to Fame  (ages 10-15)
This is one of the coolest art forms around. In this one week session, you’ll develop a story and characters, design and make props and backgrounds, and learn to shoot, create sound and edit! We’ll explore paper cut outs, clay and lego possibilities. End of week screening for family and friends.

July 21-25

Young Designer  (ages 10-15)
Learn how professional graphic artists make great designs and create fine art. This course gives you the opportunity to learn the basics and principles of professional art, including line, shape, form, color, proportion, balance, harmony and more. Use professional art techniques to bringing your creation to life. You’ll get to work on fantasy products and real world projects and see your work on posters, or on the web!

Young Architect  (ages 10-15)
Ross Creek is expanding! Not only are we developing a new facility on site, but we are exploring the great buildings of the world! Now is your chance to explore the incredible art of architecture.  Modelling, engineering, and design are all part of this unique program, plus you’ll get to explore the building site and see the process that went into the cool new structures right here!

Fashion House
Learn the fundamentals of fashion design with a strong focus on creating a positive self-image through collaborative and independent design projects. Explore how fashion happens, and create your own new work while learning how textures, colours, cut and shape interact. You’ll make your own incredible couture from recycled and repurposed fabrics that will be featured in your end-of-week runway show!

July 27-August 1  

Ballet Boot Camp
So You Think You Can Dance? We know you can, and we’ll help you get even better! This program  has a focus on great ballet skills, strengthening and flexibility – no matter your dance or sport, this is  a great way to get in shape and create some beautiful movement! AND it’s a great camp experience to round out your summer.

B-Boy Boot Camp
Learn the best from the best – how to safely do street dance, popping, locking, breaking and more in this one week camp ending with a positive battle for friends and family!

Glee Club
Sign like a star! In this one week camp, we’ll take your mirror microphone singing into the spotlight along with dance and acting to create an incredible end-of-week performance.

Artist Studio  
Working both in large and small forms, take a journey into the magical world of drawing, painting and sculpture! Inspired by the masters, we will make shadow boxes, go wild with paint, and make collages. We’ll then move on to explore a variety of sculpture techniques, both experimental and traditional, inspired by a variety of modern sculptors.

Get In the Act
Building on earlier work, this teen theatre camp develops young actors, writers and directors through games, script work, new creation and a presentation. Working with voice, presence and physicality on stage, this provides you with all the building blocks you need, while have a great time at camp.

Come with your guitar or other stringed  instrument, and get ready to hone your skills, your ideas and your music into something very cool which we’ll record for you!

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Enrolment limited to 20 students per camp.

Single Day Program: $60.00
Week-long Day Student Camp Tuition:  $295 per week
Week-long Overnight Student Camp Tuition: $525 per week

Materials fee $50 for week-long camp 
Lunches are included for day students
Bus Transport: $15 per day or $60 per week
HST is added to all of the above.


15% off camp fees if paid by Nov 10
10% if paid by Dec 10 or
5% if paid by JAN 15 AND
5% off if you bring a friend
5%  member & CF families
(maximum combined discounts, 25%)


We are pleased to offer full and half bursaries and scholarships for students who need financial aid. Bursary applications require letters of reference, so please apply early. Bursary decisions are made by a committee and are based on need and merit. We regret that we cannot give full bursaries to all students, but are delighted that we are able to fund a full 10 % of all students through the generosity of corporations, businesses, individuals and some schools. Bursary applications for SummerArts are available by clicking hereThe deadline for submissions annually is December 1. They can be faxed or mailed to us with that date as the postmark.


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