Life at SummerArts

“It is so awesome!” – SummerArts Camper

Daily Schedule-Resident Campers
 Overnight students check-in at 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoons. Core Programs run from 9 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Lunch and break times are filled with recreational activities created by our great and inspired recreation and counselling staff. Campers meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Flag Pole for announcements, and either stay outside in nice weather or go into the RJ Owen studio for warm-up, then dispersing with their counsellors for 9:30 class time. Campers have a one-hour lunch break, from 12:00 p.m.– 1:30 p.m., plus a morning and afternoon snack break. Healthy snacks are provided by Ross Creek for campers during the afternoon break.

 The afternoon session ends at 5:00 p.m. Campers have the option of returning to the cabin area for relaxation or can join in more recreation programming. There are evening arts sessions for resident Campers as well as after supper recreation programs including campfire.

Daily Schedule-Day Campers
 As above. Parents are requested to drop off their children by 9:00 a.m. at the Ross Creek Centre where they will check in with the Camp Director, Monday through Friday.  They go to group warm-up and games and then to their classes. Counsellors supervise the children during the entire lunch program. Lunch in the Dining Hall is included in the day student tuition. Campers may bring their own lunches if they wish, but we ask them not to bring anything with peanuts in it.

Parents must pick up their children at 5:00 p.m. at the main lobby of the Centre. The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts cannot supervise day campers after 5 p.m.

Wednesday Evenings each week, the overnight students see a performance by the award-winning Two Planks and a Passion Theatre. There is a $15 dinner and theatre ticket price for Day Campers and they must sign up by Tuesday morning to attend. Parents must pick up their children by 9:00 p.m

Thursday Evenings are a special dinner and dance for the Day Campers are welcome to stay on Thursday for that event if prearranged with the Camp Director.

Final Performance and Gallery
 While we want the campers to focus on the joy of creating, we also believe that sharing the work they have accomplished is an important part of the process. Each program ends with a final sharing of work, both performing and visual or literary. This final performance begins at 3:30 on the final Friday of their program and we ask that parents arrive at 3:15 to see their work if they are driving their child home. If the students are from other provinces or otherwise travelling by air, we will send a videotape of the performance and gallery to the parents at the conclusion of the program.

 Student Pick-Up and Check-Out
 Campers are free to be picked up by their parents at the conclusion of their final performance or culmination, and after they have been checked out of their cabins by their counsellors.  In general, cabin cleanup occurs on the final Thursday night before the end of the session. Most Campers depart on Friday.

Recreational Activities
 All residential Campers participate in an extensive program of recreational activities organized and run by the counsellors. Game nights, short hikes, campfires, pirate plots and escapades and dances are just some of the activities offered in the evenings.


“All the counsellors rock!” – summer arts student

 Campers are supervised by counsellors and a recreation director, and our counsellors are awesome! Most of our counsellors are college students or recent graduates with a major or strong interest in the arts. Counsellors are rigorously screened and interviewed before being hired. Counsellors are selected by the Education Director based on their arts experience, interest in working with young people, character references and interpersonal communication skills.

 The Education Director runs a comprehensive 7-day training and orientation session for all counsellors prior to the beginning of the Summer Program. Topics covered during orientation include first aid, responsible counselling, conflict mediation, and campus safety. All resident Campers eat meals with their counsellors and participate in evening activities. Counsellors are the primary link between Campers and the Summer Program. Campers can feel free to approach their counsellors with questions, concerns, problems or just plain homesickness. Every effort is made to provide as much individual student-counsellor contact as possible.

 There are four cabins with six bunk beds in each. Campers are housed by gender and age with 10 campers in each cabin. Two counsellors live in each cabin, and there are great and friendly cabin competitions and hosting of campfire.

Staying in touch
 Campers are encouraged to contact their families via letter while they are in residence at the Summer Program. Each student will receive two postcards and stamps to use and are welcome to bring and use their own stationary. Similarly, we encourage parents to send letters, since we find letters and care packages to be a positive way of reminding your camper how much you love him/her with encouraging homesickness.

 We have a fabulous new camp cook with many years of camp experience.
 Meals are included in the fees for resident Campers. Ross Creek is proud to offer freshly prepared foods made from fresh local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Meals are served cafeteria-style in the dining hall. There are vegetarian options at every meal including a hot entree at every dinner. At breakfast there is a variety of cold choices and on some days also a variety of hot foods. For lunches there are a variety of meals, including make-it-yourself subs or wraps and sometimes hot soups. For suppers, there is always a hot, nutritious and delicious meal, which might be lasagne, a barbecue, or a kid-friendly creation based on what is locally available or in our gardens.
 An extensive salad bar featuring fresh fruits and vegetables is available at all lunches and dinners, many of them coming from our own organic gardens.

We do not use any peanut products in our own cooking and are pleased to cater for allergies with advance notice.

Tuck Shop
 The Centre also offers a tuck shop which operates on a point and cash basis. Each camper is permitted to buy up to $2.00 of homemade or locally produced treats from the snack bar per day.

General Information
 Click here for our policies. Please see the registration section or contact us for additional information about Centre’s location, transportation, suggestions for items to bring, discounts, scholarships and the Centre’s Code of Conduct.


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