Welcome to a fabulous summer, 2017 edition!

If you are a member of the Canadian Forces, a member of Ross Creek or Two Planks, or have more than one child coming, or coming for multiple camps, you can still save 25% off fees! (only valid if you pay when you book). With great programs from Jungle Jamboree to Urban Art, from a writer’s workshop to triple threats, from animation and graphic design to Dance Summer Dance, don’t lose out next summer and don’t spend more than you have to!

Register below for SummerArts


We have updated our forms a little, so please ensure you navigate through all the pages. And please let us know if this is easier than before! We’re always trying to make it better for you! Please note, if you have received a partial bursary, but not yet paid, it is on the full amount of camp, not a discounted amount. Total discounts  never exceeded 25%. 

Enrolment limited to 15 students per program
We’ve dropped our prices!
Week-long Day Student Camp Tuition:  $290 per week, including materials
Week-Long Overnight: $495 including materials.
Two-Week-Long Dance Summer Dance and Teen Camps:  $975 including materials.

Bus Transport: $15 per day or $60 per week, $30 from Halifax or the Airport
HST  and a capital improvement fee is added to all of the above.

Please note: while we do accept PayPal and Credit Cards, the fees have become too exorbitant for us to manage. We accept e-transfers and cheques, and all credit cards and Paypal will now have a 3% charge to them to help us cover the costs of providing the best camps for your kids!

SummerArts Camp Registration 2017

If you've come to register your child as a camper, you've come to the right place! Please fill out all required fields below, and pay your fee. If you haven't come before, please ensure you do fill out the address and other information. If you don't have a photo now, please send one along to mail@artscentre.ca. Thanks!

Click the headings to show the information!

Camper Information

Please make sure that you enter your campers in order of oldest to youngest!
If your child goes by a nickname or short form, we want to make sure we call them by what they like!
format: January 1, 2014
Please check all the ways you found out about our camps, it's super helpful.

Basic Information

If you have not registered in the past two years for our camps, we may not have accurate information. Even if you have, we need some things answered every year to make sure we have the right family, and provide the best care for your family. We attempt to make it as painless as possible while still getting the information we need for camp.
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Camp Registration

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Parent/Guardian Information

If you are a first time Ross Creek family, it is vital that you fill out the information that follows. Then when you come back, you only have to fill out what's changed!
If the camper has a social or other worker we should instead be contacting, please detail below with phone number, email, name, organization, and any other details.

Medical Information

If you haven't been at Ross Creek in the past two years, it is important to fill out the following information, or please let us know if anything has changed if you have been with us in the past two years. There are a few items we ask you fill out every time to make sure we don't miss something important!
format: January 1, 2014
Does your camper have any dietary restrictions?
If your camper has any food allergy, please mention here as well as below.
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Does your camper have any chronic medical challenges? If the camper takes ongoing medication for the condition, the answer is yes.
If they take medication for the challenge, please detail in the "Medicine" panel below. Please only describe the condition here.
Does your camper have any behavioral or mental health challenges? If your camper takes ongoing medication for a condition, the answer is yes.
If your camper takes medication for this condition, please detail in the "Medicine" panel below.
Is your camper taking any medication? (Over-the-counter or prescribed). If they are taking medicine for a previously described condition, the answer is yes.
Please list each medicine, the condition they are associated with, the time at which the camper takes the medicine, and the doseage. All medications must be in original packaging with dosage instructions and clearly labelled with camper’s name. These medications will be kept by the Designated Camp First Aid Person during camp.
If your family has a religious or cultural affiliation you think might be important for us to be aware of, please let us know so we can ensure a comfortable experience for your child. If you have any special circumstances that might affect your child's camp experience or interactions with other campers, please let us know. Your guidance is important to us.
We cannot guarantee cabin requests, but we will do our best to make it happen!


Please be aware that the bus service costs $15 per day for day camp service, and $30 a trip for a bus trip for the beginning or end of a week-long overnight camp service. We also offer a shuttle to Halifax / Dartmouth and to the Stanfield International Airport for $30+HST each way. If your child is flying in, please have them arrive the Sunday of the beginning of camp between 11 am and 1 pm if at all possible. The bus service has a minimum capacity and Ross Creek reserves the right to cancel the service at any time. We will always try to reach you by the Wednesday before camp to ensure you have a way to camp arranged.
Please call 1-902-582-3842 before assuming you can use the bus service. NO SEAT ON THE BUS IS RESERVED UNTIL YOU CALL US AND CONFIRM!
Please choose your desired bus pickup and drop off location.


Please note that we cannot complete registration for your child until you have paid. When you hit submit, you will be taken to PayPal, and your total will be listed there. If you prefer, you can exit that and send us an e-transfer to chris@artscentre.ca or call us at (902) 582-3842 to make a credit card payment ($10 surcharge for phone orders). We can do instalments, but the early bird discounts will not apply. Email chris@artscentre.ca to make those arrangements and simply exit out of Paypal.
Please enter the number of one-week camps you have registered for
Please enter the number of two-week camps you have registered for
Click YES to get a family membership and get discounts on camps, workshops and more! Plus you can vote on things...Democracy, Ross Creek style!
You MAY be entitled to a series of discounts, and if so, please figure out the TOTAL percentage here - if no discount, please click 0. Maximum discount is 25% PLEASE do not click a higher percentage than you really get, it makes us very sad.
Here's how much you saved today
Would you like to donate your savings - or more - and get a tax receipt? Donations help us provide more spaces at camp for families that couldn't afford it otherwise! Every donation of more than $15 get a tax receipt! If not, just enter 0
A $10 capital charge is added on to help us fundraise for building a new kitchen!
The Other important bits: Clicking here means you have read and agree to the policies set out at http://www.artscentre.ca/camps/policies/ This page includes our refund policy, code of conduct, camp philosophy, etc.

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