The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and THE ATLANTIC FILMMAKERS COOPERATIVE 
invite YOU to send us your film ideas for a chance to win a full scholarship to the 2016 Ross Creek Summer Academy 

Deadline: February 1, 2016
You can submit a script sample or treatment (5 pages maximum, double spaced, 12 point font), a story board (5 copied pages, or JPEG on disc), or a short film (under five minutes images, on a DVD
(please only send us copies, not originals, and make sure your disc works. )

You must include a cover page with your name, grade, age, school,
full mailing address, email, and phone number.

Open to artists aged 14-18 who could attend the Academies from July 31 – August 12, 2016.
Mail your submissions to:
Ross Creek Academy Film Competition,
AFCOOP | 5663 Cornwallis Street | Suite 101 | Halifax, NS B3K 1B6

Film Academy Outline

Please note, while we outline here some of the goals of the specific academy, the academies are also all collaborative.  Students will have core disciplines and mentors while also being challenged to work with students in other disciplines. This creates a more open and creative cross-disiplinary dialogue and community of  young artists who can work in other artistic “languages.” 


July 31 – August 12, 2016

Young filmmakers will learn techniques of visual storytelling leading to an understanding of the creative collaboration in filmmaking between the writer, director, cinematographer, editor and actor in creating authentic, memorable films. Storyboarding, screen writing, team-building, producing and editing skills in our lab are key components.  The program is taught by professional film-makers who will also give guidance on apprenticing for film and video, how to find a film school and about the business of movie-making. Films produced in this program have won awards at  youth film festivals.

Students in the Film Academy develop their skills as artists through in depth instruction from professional artists, peer and instructor critique and lab and film-making time as well as through collaborations with other young artists.

Click here to see our YouTube Channel with some films created at the Acadmies.

All academy students are required at morning warm-up and should bring comfortable clothes.

Academy program fees
Overnight students: $1100 + HST
Materials Fee: $75 + HST
Optional Bus Service from International Airport, Halifax, Dartmouth: $30 + HST each way



  • 15%  Early Bird for camp fees if you pay in full by October 1.
  • 10% if you pay in full by December 10 
  • 5% if you pay in full by January 10
  • 10% if you bring a friend who has never been! 
  • 5% for camp fees for  multiple children in the same immediate family or multiple camps
  • 5% for families with family memberships

(maximum total combined discounts 25%)

Click here to see the Academy Prep List
Click here to see our faculty
Click here to register
Click here to see the general schedule of the Academies
Click here to see our policies
Click here for a bursary form
Click here to request a Printable registration form.


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