With great programs from Jungle Jamboree to Urban Art, from a writer’s workshop to triple threats, from animation and graphic design to Dance Summer Dance, don’t lose out next summer and don’t spend more than you have to! Register online here for SummerArts, and below for March Break.

Camper Information

Please tell us how we reached you - it helps us to make sure we are doing a good job!
This means we will reuse your data for those fields from last year. DO NOT click YES unless we have your home address and your guardian information! AND IF THE ANSWER IS NO, MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THE INFORMATION BELOW! If you are a social worker, you MUST fill everything out so we can ensure best care for the child, even if they attended in the past.
Click "Yes" if you have already signed up another child for this year, and their home and guardian information is the same.

Basic Information

Camp Registration

Will Your Camper be coming for the full week? (Monday-Friday) - It's cheaper than paying daily!
ONLY CHECK THESE IF YOU CHILD IS NOT COMING FOR THE FULL WEEK: please let us know how many individual days you are booking


Please be aware that the bus service costs $15 per day for day camp service, plus HST. The bus service has a minimum capacity and Ross Creek reserves the right to cancel the service three days before a scheduled run if we do not have the minimum, with a refund of associated bus fees. We will always try to reach you by the Wednesday before camp to ensure you have a way to camp arranged.
We will call you to confirm and refund you if it cannot run because it is full!
Please let us know how many individual days you are booking
Please fill in 0 if you are not taking the bus, or enter the number of days (17.25 per day, incl. HST)

Parent/Guardian Information:

Medical Information


Please note that we cannot reserve a spot for your child until the full payment has been arranged. You will be taken to paypal with your total, but you can also wend us an e=transfer to chris@artscentre.ca (that saves us 4-6%). If you would like to pay by phone, we will add a $5 fee. You can call us at 1-902-582-3842 to arrange, and we love to help families in need - if you need to make a payment arrangement, please email chris@artscentre.ca. Please note that discounts for early bird do not apply if not paying in full at time of registration.
Just fees, before bus, discounts, etc.
Click YES to get a family membership and get discounts on camps, workshops and more! Plus you can vote on things...Democracy, Ross Creek style!
Maximum of 25% discount on any program.
You MAY be entitled to a series of discounts, and if so, please figure out the TOTAL percentage here - if no discount, please click 0. Please be sure about the discount you're entitled to - otherwise, we get so very sad.
If you are applying for a bursary from Ross Creek, or from any source, please click yes.
Please identify where you are applying, Ross Creek, your town, etc.
If you hope to get a bursary from any source, please enter the amount here so you only pay the difference as a deposit! This isn't an approval, but we don't want you to pay more than you need to in advance.
Here's how much you saved today!
Would you like to donate your savings - or more - and get a tax receipt? Donations help us provide more spaces at camp for families that couldn't afford it otherwise! Every donation of more than $15 get a tax receipt! If not, just enter 0
I have read and agree to the policies set out at http://www.artscentre.ca/camps/policies/ This page includes our refund policy, code of conduct, camp philosophy,etc. Please enter your name and phone number

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