NEW: Paying it Forward Bursaries!

We are thrilled that some wonderful donors have donated funding for bursaries which allow young people to attend our Summer and March Break programs.Those bursary applications are online now here. In the spirit of community-building, they have asked that when you receive a bursary, you also do something nice for someone else – take time to visit someone, make some soup or cookies for a neighbour, whatever makes sense to you and if you can or are willing, send us a picture or a little note to let us know what you did to pay it forward and what the bursary means to you. If you have received bursaries in the past, and you were thrilled for your family, drop us a line here and let us know. It all makes the world a better place!

We are pleased to offer full and half bursaries and scholarships for students who need financial aid. Bursary applications require letters of reference, so please apply early. Bursary decisions are made by a committee and are based on need and merit. We regret that we cannot give full bursaries to all students, but are delighted that we are able to fund a full 10 % of all students through the generosity of individuals, corporations, businesses,  and some schools. Bursary applications for SummerArts are available by clicking here. The Deadline for submissions annually for SummerArts  is March 31 and for March Break is January  1.

They can be faxed or mailed to us with that date as the postmark.

Donate to the RJ Owen Scholarship Fund or name a scholarship to honour someone

You can donate to our bursary fund to make a big difference to a child in the community.

Donate any amount you choose to the general RJ Owen Scholarship fund to be distributed to families  who apply to the bursary program, or you can make your donation more specific – for a dancer, for example, or for a child from a specific community. Email mail@artscentre.ca to discuss ways you can make a difference to the life of a young person (and a tax receipt!). We can make your donation anonymous or recognise you on our donors section of our website and in our programs.




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