I absolutely loved my time volunteering at Ross Creek!  Ross Creek had this elusive something. Honestly, I can’t say whether it was the peace, the beautiful space, the lovely people, or something else- but whatever it was, I found my time there to be immensely regenerating.  I didn’t even necessarily go there with the purpose of creating art and yet I found myself more creative and more driven to somehow express my artistic side. For my own little artistic self, Ross Creek worked like the space between breathing: you don’t need to think about taking anything in or producing anything out, it simply  happens all the same.

Samantha Coomara, a HelpX Volunteer

Internships at Ross Creek

The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is a unique institution in Canada, bringing together the best in arts education for youth with community and professional artist programs. The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is a research and development centre for music, dance, theatre, writing, visual art, architecture, film and other arts, and is proud to help facilitate the development of new art from around the world in wonderful facilities and on a spectacular farm in rural Nova Scotia.

Volunteer Holiday or Unpaid Internships.
We welcome local, national and international volunteers to come be part of the Ross creek Community. From emerging teenage artists to art teachers to gardeners to chefs, we welcome people who want to have a working holiday or an invaluable work experience.

Click here for the Application Form: PDF.
Click here for the Application Form: WORD.

The following are a few of our regular Volunteer Holiday or Unpaid Internship Positions at Ross Creek.
Check in with us at programs@artscentre.ca to find out any other potential positions which might be available):

Camp Artist in Residence – a professional artist of any discipline, who lives at camp, participates fully in camp life and mentors the staff and young artists. Available March Break and Summer Only.

Volunteer Artist in Residence – A professional artist of any discipline, who lives at RCCA, participates fully in centre life and teaches or does programming development. This differs from our regular juried artist in residence program in that the volunteer must teach or program with staff for an equivalent to what a residency would fully cost. They also act as residence “dons” ensuring the other artists in residence or on colony have great community experiences. Ideally this person will have a car, or at least a driver’s license. Available Fall, Winter, Spring.

Junior Camp Counsellor – usually a graduated RCCA counsellor-in-training – youth between 16-19 who has some camp experience and is passionate about the arts and wants to gain more experience and give back to kids spending a fabulous time with them through the summer. Available Summer and March Break Only

Kitchen Assistant – a volunteer who loves cooking and gardening and brining fresh and delicious food to the community! We also welcome those who want to learn more about cooking and gardening and gain valuable work experience in a fast paced kitchen. Available year round

Community Life Assistant – A volunteer who loves organising and finding creative solutions. This position is for someone who is the go-to-person for artists and staff who need assistance with making the centre work well in the summer with such a dynamic community onsite. A great opportunity to bring the theatre and centre together in fun and innovative ways. Available Spring and Summer only.

Counsellor in training – a young person – 14-17 who loves the arts and wants to spend a summer learning, gaining incredible skills and having a blast with younger kids. You must be able to dedicate your summer to Ross Creek, and you gain food-handling, first aid and other certification along with the teen academy program of your choice for free and incredible memories. Available Summer Only

Gardener – our large gardens are for both food and beauty. We invite those who want to learn more about organic gardening (or who can teach us new things!) as well as those who love plants and want to help us create and maintain our landscape to be part of the Ross Creek Garden Corps. Available Spring, Summer and Fall.

Box Office / Picnic Assistant – Learn the ropes of creating a great experience for audiences at our unique summer theatre. Work with our box office manager to welcome audiences, ensuring their safety and comfort. Work with the Picnic Coordinator to create and serve fabulous picnics that work with the theatre to create a fabulous and magical memory for our patrons. Available summer only

Production Assistant (theatre) – learn about professional theatre by assisting the director and stage management and set crew. Make props, mow the playing area, assist wherever needed to make a great show come alive at Ross Creek this summer! Available summer only

Set / Grounds / Construction – assist us with landscaping, construction projects, set design and construction and more, depending on the time of year and your skills. Available year round, with varying projects available.

For any long term or onsite volunteers, we require a criminal record check and references, and approved volunteers are asked to sign a contract laying out expectations for and from the volunteer and Ross Creek. Please note that while we will write a letter of acceptance, international volunteers are expected to coordinate their own visa and travel arrangements and adhere to Canadian law at all times.

Come have the experience of a lifetime at Ross Creek.




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