Oh, friend.

What an interesting year it’s been.  From amazing new opportunities to Hurricane Arthur, it’s been a chance (both forced and voluntary) for us to take stock and renew our connection to our community, to our mission and to our landscape.  We were hit hard as a staff by the storm, and the building is still being repaired, but the generosity and spirit of our hurricane heroes, and the incredible theatre and creativity that came out of this summer helped us overcome all obstacles, and now, to thrive.

In 2014, people from across Canada and around the world came to Ross Creek to experience and be inspired by a unique marriage of art, education, performance.  On any given day during the summer, artists, students, staff, and teachers broke bread together and shared their skills and artistry with audiences and families, affecting thousands of people.

Dozens of Canadian Forces members from CFBs Greenwood and Aldershot came out and built new cabins for artists and campers in an incredible show of teamwork and generosity of spirit.  Volunteers from down the road and around the world built us new beehives and gardens.  Students were enriched and their lives enhanced by our camps and school programs.  Audiences and actors alike shared a hushed moment as the final note of Dustbowl Joan rang out across the fields and into the star-lit sky.

We are so privileged to work here and connect with this incredible community day in and day out.

Ross Creek is a destination and an experience like no other.  We are proud to work all year on making the arts a vital and vibrant part of the lives of people in our community, made possible only through your generosity and participation and we look forward to a great new year together.

Just some of our 2015 programming includes: an exciting new festival called Breaking Ground in July 1-4; a new season of the award-winning Theatre Off The Grid with The Tempest at 6 pm and Turn of the Screw around the fire, and some of the best arts instruction in North America for children and teens.  Our outreach programs are already in full swing, combatting stigma against those with mental illness, running anti-bullying programs, and using whole-family approaches to skill development in impoverished children.  We are thrilled that community donors and foundations have begun our private fundraising campaign for the new environmental Dining Hall, which will help us add new camp and community outreach programs, and we hope you can join us in making that and our incredible, innovative programs a reality.

We are asking for you to consider donating this year before the end of the year, if you can.  Every dollar donated helps and goes back into the community through programming. We have included a form, you can call, or you can donate securely online at Canada Helps.  Your tax-deductible donation helps change the lives of many who are able to reach their potential through programming at Ross Creek.  If you are not in a position to donate, but have time or expertise, we can always use a hand!

Thank you for making the magic happen, and for including us in your community.  Come on up and see the changes!



Ms. Chris O’Neill, Executive Director

You can hear a CBC Documentary about our history and development here. 

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