Arts, passion and wonder are ingredients to a magical history, vision and future at Ross Creek.

Fundraising Letter 2015

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Introducing a recipient of your generosityGivingTuesday_FP_ADayForGivingBack.

As we approach Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to engaging the public in donating to charity, we thought you might like to see what a difference a donation makes:

“Here we are in November and she is still talking about the opportunity and what she learned and experienced. Most importantly her selfconfidence and sense of her talent and abilities has grown. As a result she has more fully embraced other opportunities to get involved in performing arts, volunteering and social justice activism. **** is now seeing herself as a leader.  Naturally an introvert, she is taking more initiative and engaging more comfortably with others. She credits Ross Creek with enabling her to do this. I do too. I dropped off a girl who was terrified and convinced she wouldn’t fit in and wouldn’t be as talented as others. Two weeks later I picked up a happy, confident young woman brimming with all of her future potential. We are grateful for how the bursary has supported **** towards achieving her goal and passion of pursuing her calling in the performing arts. Congratulations to you for the success of all you accomplish with Ross Creek. Thanks also to your sponsors and funders. There contributions are most appreciated.”

We  are so grateful for the donors like Jason Roth and Cheryl Steadman-Roth, Kathryn Rennick (in memory of RJ Owen), Maureen Kudelka and the Valley Credit Union for making the many stories like the one above, possible each year.

Jason and Cheryl are some of our artist angels, and based on the success of their matching funds campaigns, they have now given two new challenges: a commitment of $100,000 for our new Dining Hall which they hope will draw investment and excitement from others, and a challenge to businesses and service clubs over two years raise $50,000 for a permanent bursary fund, to which they will contribute a further $25,000.

Jason and Cheryl spend volunteer hours and their donation dollars making a real difference in the community, to Ross Creek and other charities. They are also very thoughtful about how the organizations they support can engage our communities in innovative ways. For example, they have asked that the bursaries they have already committed to become part of a pay-it-forward enterprise. Families getting bursaries are asked to do something nice for someone else that is within their means – to pass on the good will in whatever way is possible for their circumstances. It is this understanding of need,  dignity, and spirit that makes them wonderful ambassadors for Ross Creek.  We are proud to have them inviting you to join them in this exciting new phase of Ross Creek’s development.

Every dollar makes a difference and so does volunteer time. Whatever you have to give, we will gratefully receive!

You can now donate right through our website with the support of Canada Helps. Click here to donate. 




Are you new to the area? Do you like gardening, cooking, office work? Do you enjoy being around a theatre or more quiet work? Do you have or ant to learn new skills and meet new people? We have lots to do and lots of ways to get involved. If you want to teach your child about how to volunteer from the youngest age, to people with lots of professional experience to those who just have a few hours and are happy to get involved in whatever needs doing, we’d love to have you. We love family and friend groups too and businesses can have a great team-building exercise and give back to the community at the same time.

Earn Creek-Cash towards programs with our Volunteer recognition program.  You can use it yourself, or give it to a family in need, spreading the joy even further!

You can sign up below,  click here to see more possibilities, call (902) 582-3842 or email to find out more or discuss ways to get involved!


Want a way to Make a Difference and Have Fun?

Why not challenge your friends, family, school or work to a giving circle? 

Ross Creek needs your help and you can donate individually, or you can have some fun and challenge your loved ones and peers to a matching fund program, where you meet together over wine or in the cafeteria and decide on what you can each pledge.

Maybe you want to fund a bursary for a child in your community. Maybe you want to fund an artist to come to the Centre, or help with the theatre. Maybe you want to name a room in the centre for someone important to you. These are only a few of the possibilities of how you can help your community, help Ross Creek and have a great time, all at the same time!

We can meet with you, host your giving circle at a special event, and make it an incredible experience.
Instead of Secret Santa, why not come together to support a charity that already means something to you? We’ll give you all the tools you need!
Email us here.  Click here to make a donation through Canada Helps. 



Two Planks and a Passion Theatre was founded in 1992 to tour high quality theatre by Canadian playwrights across the country. The company has an amazing history, performing on stages from the National Arts Centre to a small mining community gymnasium, in all ten provinces and one territory.

After years of creating a demand for Canadian theatre in rural communities across Canada, we were excited to begin the work to bring the best of Canada and of the world to Nova Scotia creating an international facility which engages Canadians of all ages in and through the arts, The Ross Creek Centre.

Now, these two distinct arts organizations continue to work together to serve our community and our country through the arts. With arts education at all levels, public perofrmances, innovative outdoor theatre on a large scale on the grounds of Ross Creek, outreach, dedicated Aboriginal programming and professional development for artists, we are making magical things happen.

As a charity, our membership is our link to the communities we are meant to serve. To reflect the importance of our shared origins and resources, Two Planks and Ross Creek work together and membership entitles you to the benefits of both. We hope you will join us and lead us through the next years as we continue to grow and to find new ways of encouraging Canadians to find their creative selves at Ross Creek.

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